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555 Subaru World Rally Team Test Bulletin
General News
09 September 2002


Last week the 555 Subaru World Rally Team completed a five-day gravel development test near the town of Jyvaskyla in Finland in preparation for next month's Rally New Zealand. Regular drivers Tommi Makinen and Petter Solberg, together with test driver Pasi Hagstrom, drove a total of 918kms between them in a Subaru Impreza WRC2002 test car.

Petter Solberg was at the wheel for the first two days on two separate test roads. On the first day a wide, fast stage was used for Solberg to test dampers and differential settings as well as brakes. The team moved to a slightly slower road for the second day, which started with a loose surface before moving onto a more compacted base with higher grip. Petter worked on damper and diff settings again as well as doing some aerodynamic work.

On day three Tommi took over driving duties and moved to a smooth, high-speed road in Makki. Tommi continued the work that Petter had started, testing suspension, transmission and aerodynamic set-ups of the car. Tommi stayed on the same road for day four of the test, where he put more miles on the car and carried out additional work on the brakes.

Tommi's gravel crew driver, Pasi Hagstrom, took the wheel for the final day of the test and again looked at damper and differential set-ups, brakes and aerodynamics. He also evaluated a couple of new tyre compounds from team partner Pirelli.

Tommi and Petter will travel this week to Italy to carry out a pre-event test ready for Rallye Sanremo, which begins on Thursday 19 September.

Team Quotes
Tommi Makinen
"We are very happy with the testing last week. It went very well and we got a lot of work done ready for New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. The test was very concentrated with most of the work on suspension and transmission but we took another step forward and are ready for the last three rallies."

Petter Solberg
"I'm very happy with the car - we got a lot of good work done last week. We looked at suspension and some geometrics for New Zealand and then some other small stuff for next year. I'm pleased with the way it went and am looking forward to seeing how well the last part of the season goes."

Date of Issue
9 September 2002
Period of Test
3-7 September 2002
Four test roads near Jyvaskyla, Finland
General development test
Sunny, temperatures 12-25C, some drizzle on days four and five
Tommi Makinen, Petter Solberg, Pasi Hagstrom

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