Impreza WRX STI spec C Group N

Main improvements on the Impreza 2006 model (WRX STI spec C)

(In comparison with 2005 Group N Homologated Car > A/N5676 <)
-Installation Roof Vane, large Rear Spoiler and Rear Diffueser to improve machine stability at High speed range.
-Installation new type DCCD(Driver Control Centre Differential) to arrow application of more torque for acceleration work during cornering.
*refined DCCD with addition of torque-sensitive mechanical Limited Slip Differential(LSD)
-Changing Front-Rear torque ration from 35:65 to 41:59 to arrow better balance of traction.

Listing high performance ability which is succeeded from 2005 model

- Weight reduction of 70kg achieved by using light glass, a thinner roof plate and aluminium boot lid
- Strengthening of hubs (Front/Rear), including adopting P.C.D.114.3
- Improved high caster angle front suspension. Introduction of aluminum rear lateral link
- Turbocharger with ball bearings which enhance engine response
- Rear crossbar which improves body rigidity
- Large water tank for intercooler water spray, ensuring stable and sustained engine performance
- Air cooled engine oil cooler

The homologated Impreza WRX STI spec C is outlined as follows

Base Car for the homologation
SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI spec C(released in June 2005, SUBARU GDBF4FH-SLH)
* Aluminium 17 inch wheels.
-FIA Group A Homologation number (base certification)
A5695 and homologation extension VP, VO
-FIA Group N Homologation number
N5676 and homologation extension VP, VO

Homologation Forms for the FIA Group A and N homologation will be available from the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) or other ASN(National Sporting Authority). Homologation information concerning manufacturing of Group N car including VO is scheduled to be announced on the STI Internet site at: ( as required.
*VP :Variante de Production / Production Variant
*VO :Variante option / Option Variant