Regulation Guide

2007 FIA Production Car World Rally Championship

WRC regulations are updated every year. The followings are the main modifications for 2007.
The FIA organises the FIA Production Car World Rally Championship for Drivers (the Championship). The Championship is reserved for drivers taking part in the qualifying rallies of this Championship using cars homologated in Group N with a corrected cylinder capacity of greater than 2000cc or Super 2000. This Championship is run according to the sporting regulations of the FIA World Rally Championship in their entirety, except with regard to the following articles which are specific to the Championship.
The number of Championship events is 8. Applications to compete in the Championship must be submitted to the FIA no later than 15 December of the year preceding the year of the Championship. Entry applications received after that date will be accepted at the discretion of the FIA and subject to availability. At the time of application, the entrant must nominate 6 rallies in the Championship in which he/she will participate.
3.1 Registration for the Championship shall be either:
- In the name of a driver
- Or in the name of a team
- Or in the name of an ASN designated team.
3.2 Points scored in the Championship shall be in the name of the driver.
3.3 The entry in individual rallies must be in the name of the driver or of the entrant as stated on the licence used to register in the Championship.
3.4 Except in cases of force majeure, any registered driver, team or ASN designated team which does not take part in one of its nominated rallies in the Championship will be automatically excluded from the Championship classification and will be reported to the FIA, which will apply sanctions.The points will not be redistributed to@those still in the Championship.For a case to be considered as force majeure, the entrant must notify the Organisers in writing stating the reason for intended non-participation.As evidence all necessary documentation must be lodged with the Organisers before the start of the rally for consideration by the Stewards.If the competitor claims force majeure on medical grounds, then the following documents should be submitted to the FIA as soon as possible:
-The formal medical certificate(s) giving a precise diagnosis and description of injuries, prepared by the relevant specialist(s) (orthopedist, neurosurgeon, sports doctor, etc.).
-Relevant para-clinical documents (X-rays, scans, etc.) to support the diagnosis.
-A signed statement from the driver authorising an FIA Medical Delegate to discuss the case with the relevant specialist(s) who prepared the medical certificate(s).
All documents must be in English (or accompanied by a certified translation), typed and legible. The authenticity of any document, translation, and/or copies must be certified. If the documentation is not complete, the FIA may request that the driver be examined by an FIA Medical Delegate. A driver shall be excused from this obligation when he/she participates in the concerned rally as a Priority 1 or a Priority 2 driver.
3.5 The maximum number of entries accepted by the FIA will be 28. If more than 28 entries are received at the closing date for entries, priority will be given to entry applications received in the name of the drivers. If more than 28 entry applications are received in the name of the drivers, priority will be given to drivers from ASNs hosting a round of the Championship to nominate up to 2 drivers. If fewer than 10 entries have been received by the closing date for entries, the FIA reserves the right to suspend the Championship.
3.6 Entry into the Championship shall be considered as an entry in each Championship rally that the competitor nominated on registering for the Championship. Individual entry procedure must be respected. Thus, except in cases of force majeure as described in Article 3.4, a registered driver must pay each Championship Organiser the due entry fees irrespective of his or her participation. A team or an ASN designated team entered in the Championship must nominate a driver for each of the rallies before the close of entries for each round of the Championship. That designated driver must comply with all the regulations of the Championship. A team or an ASN designated team must pay the entry fees for all the rallies in the championship at the time of the first Championship rally in which it is taking part.
3.7 Each organiser of a Championship rally may nominate 2 drivers (holding a licence issued by their ASN) not entered in the Championship to take part in the rally organised on the territory of that ASN. These two drivers will be known as "Guest drivers", bearing the numbers 59 and 60, and must comply with the regulations of the Championship.
4.1 For each rally in the Championship, a separate classification of the registered drivers will be drawn from the general classification and points will be awarded to the registered drivers according to the following scale:
Pos 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Point 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1
4.2 The driver who has scored the highest total number of points taking into account the results obtained in his or her six nominated rallies, will be declared the FIA Production Car World Rally Champion. In case a driver is entered by more than one registered entrant which results in the driver participating in more than 6 rallies, the results for that driver will be computed by taking the results of the first 6 rallies in which he/she has participated.
Drivers registered in the Championship must use FIA fuel.
6.1 The drivers registered in the Championship are given 3rd priority. Subject to FIA approval, they will take the start after the last 2nd priority driver.
6.2 The start order for the first rally of the Championship shall be in numeric order as determined by the FIA. From the second rally of the Championship, the start order shall be as the provisional classification of the Championship.
7.1 The total space allocated to a competitor will be maximum 10 x 10 metres.
7.2 The maximum number of mechanics allowed to work on one and the same car at the time is five. Any breach of this rule will be reported to the Stewards by the rally officials and may result in a maximum penalty of exclusion.
7.3 Each entrant will be issued with five tabards (or other identifying garments) which are unique for the car belonging to that entrant. To be eligible to work on the entrantfs car (or any component that has been taken from the car during that service period), a mechanic must wear one of these five tabards.
7.4 Any exchange of data with the entrantfs car by other than wire connection or memory card is forbidden. Exchange of data with the car is considered work on the car and the mechanic(s) undertaking such exchange mustwear a tabard. The tabard may be exchanged between mechanics during a service period. A mechanic with a tabard may accept and fit components that are handed to him by anyone even if not wearing a tabard.
For each Rally, the maximum number of tyres to be used by each car, including any spare wheels, shall be decided by the FIA in conjunction with the Organiser. This number shall be announced by the Organiser to the teams concerned no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the rally concerned, either in the regulations of the event or via a bulletin. Any competitor failing to comply will be reported to the Stewards by the rally officials and may receive a maximum penalty of exclusion.For each car, the maximum number of spare wheels is 2.
The FIA will allocate a permanent competition number to each competitor between 31 and 60 for the Championship season.
Shakedown for drivers entered in the Championship is an integral part of the rally programme. A driver entered in a Championship rally is prohibited from carrying out testing in a country of a Championship rally during the three weeks preceding the rally, unless: - The testing is part of the official programme of the rally, and/or - The testing is approved in writing by the FIA and is open to all drivers entered in the rally concerned.
No car may carry an on-board camera unless authorised by the holder of the commercial rights. If required, an entrant shall carry the on-board camera or other recording device fitted by the holder of the commercial rights.
The Championship Rally which has registered the smallest number of entries may be withdrawn from the calendar of the following seasonfs Championship.
In order to maximise equality of performance between the Group N and S2000 cars, the WRC Commission or its delegated representative(s) reserve the right to adjust the weight, restrictor size, maximum engine revolutions and/or maximum tyre width for each competitor at any time during the Championship.