The Team

Production Car World Rally Championship Information


Arai Motor Sport which owned by Toshi Arai will build two Subaru Impreza WRX STI spec C for Toshi himself. One of them will be used for Acropolis after Swedish and another one which newly built will send to Mexico directly, and then will travel Argentine and New Zealand. Also this Japanese firm will build for Subaru Rally Team International driven by Takuma Kamada which will contest Acropolis and New Zealand, and for three cars which will run at Rally Japan.


2004 P-WRC champion team, SYMS is now one of key team among P-WRC entrant. SYMS Europe based Belgium will give service for two P-WRC regular cars. Kristian Sohlberg who has experience to drive WR car as former Mitsubishi factory driver will drive energy drink hRED DEVILh backed red coloured Subaru. The two cars will fit Yokohama tyres.


Named as Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation, this team is backed from National company such as Qatar National Bank or Qatar National Petrol and run by AUTOTEK owned by British Ken Skidmore. This combination with AUTOTEK, Nasser Sal Al-Attiyah and Subaru Impreza gained Middle-East title past three years as well as 2006 P-WRC title. The team will select two different tyres which are Pirelli and Michelin depend on event.


Five times Russian champion Sergey Uspensky is now leading Russian rally strongly. He is not only driver but also is owner of Rally Car building factory and is chairman of Russian motor federation, so his life is full of commitment with Motorsport. This year, he will share to enter P-WRC with 2004 Estonian champion Alexander Dorosinskiy.

TOMMI MAKINEN RACING / Prodrive; Tack rally company.

Obviously flying finn legend Tommi Makinen owns this rally preparation company. This firm is satellite team for STI to support delivery and technical support for Scandinavian Impreza user. TMR built a car for Anton Alen for use in the Swedish rally and is contesting the remaing rounds in a Prodrive Impreza run by a Turkish rally COMPANY, Prodrive is of course another rof STI's key satellite teams in the GpN motorsport arena. TMR also built for Oscar Svedlund who entered as Joker in Sweden by ASN nomination.

Vermont sports cars USA.

VSC will run a car on three P-WRC events for motorcycle legend Travis Pastrana. This will be entered under the Subaru Rally Team International team-entry competing on the three alternative events paired with Takuma Kamada. VSC has a long history in rally although rally Mexico is their first foray into WRC. VSC will also run a car for Ken Block here in Mexico. Ken is Travis's regular company mate in the American series.